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Mohamed A. Saad Aldeen and Ehab A. Elsaih – Egyptian Dental Journal vol 59, 31:40 January 2013– marginal bone height changes of splinted implants supporting mandibular complete overdenture (metal bar versus Infibra ribbon bar) – “mandibular two implant retained overdenture splinted with Infibra ribbon bar reduces stress concentration in implant marginal bone compared to cast bar. As consequence, bone level is better preserved and implant survival is expected to be improved”.


Silvana M.M. Spryrides, Maira do Prado, Renata Antoun Simao, Fernando Luis Bastian – Brazilian Dental Journal 2015-26(5):490 – 496 – Effect of Plasma and Fiber Position on Flexural Properties of Polyethylene Fiber- Reinforced Composite – “Plasma treatment influences Flexural strength and Flexural Deflection. Fiber position and plasma treatment affects the flexural properties of a fiber-reinforced composite”.


Silvana Marques Miranda Spyrides, Maira do Prado, Joyce Rodrigues de Araujo, Renata Antoun Simao, Fernando Luis Bastian – Journal of Appl. Oral Sci. 2015;23(6):614-22 – Effects of plasma on polyethylene fiber surface for prosthodontic application – "Plasma technology has the potential to improve the adherence of fibers to polymeric matrices”.


Oleg Savchenko – Modern dentistry 2/2013 – Splint therapy with the help of fibres made by Bioloren (Italy) – “the use of Infibra Bioloren polyethylene fibres for splinting allow to achieve reliable and aesthetic results even if patient’s budget is extremely low”.


Cirulli Nunzio, De Frenza Gianluca, Cantore Stefania, Grassi Roberto – European J. of Implant Prothodontics 2006-3-2-28, 13 – Proposal of treatment with polyethylene fibres – "Infibra Bioloren, in addition to realization of retainers, finds application in the implementation of endodontic posts, splinting, reinforcement of composite or resin handmade products, temporary teeth stabilization. This technique is reversible, conservative and met patients’ aesthetical expectations”.


George Freedman – Dentistry Today – February 2009 – Infibra Ribbon System first impressions – "Infibra ribbon has many clinical indications: periodontal splinting, spacers, fixing bridges and prosthesis, composite resin reinforcement of mobile teeth, short-term provisional bridges and orthodontics retainers".


Dr Angelo Della Bona - Immediate after extractive with use of drilling surgery and fast polyethylene fiber framework - the structures made by Infibra reinforcement ribbon result to be high resistant and completely passive.




Zeliha Gencel, Bahadir Ersu, Dilek Pinar Sensyilmaz – British J. of medicine & Medical Research 8(1).22-29, 2015 – Influence of one-piece (monoblock) fiberglass post design on the fracture resistance of extensively damaged teeth: an ex vivo study – “fiber post designs have an influence on fracture resistance and failure mode”.


Antonio Signore, Vassilios Kaitzas, Gianbattista Ravera, Francesca Angiero, Stefano Benedicenti – The International Journal of Prosthodontics – 2011;24:255-263 – Clinical evaluation of an Oval-Shaped Prefabricated glass fiber post in endontically treated premolars presenting and oval root canal cross-section: a retrospective Cohort study – “a satisfactory clinical performance was observed for preformed oval shaped glass fiber posts. Survival was higher for teeth retaining three or four coronal walls”.


V.M. Rechachev – Modern dentistry 2-2013 – use of endododntic posts made by Bioloren (Italy) for reconstruction of tooth crown – “glass fibre posts allow not only to eliminate cosmetic imperfections and restore tooth function but to provide tightness of endodontic root obturation and to create an indivisible restoration tooth root – post”.


Juloki J, Goracci C, tsintsadze N, Carrabba M, Vichi A, Vulicevic ZR, Ferrari M, - influence of luting agent translucency on fiber post retention – European J. of Oral Sci 2015: 123: 116 – 121- “the translucency of the luting agent emerges as a relevant factor in intraradicular fiber post cementation”.


Hannah Smith – Canadian health and care dental treatment – October 23, 2015 – Dental Treatment – “Posts having elastic modulus similar to dentin, such as fibre-reinforced posts, gained high popularity compared to metallic post and core systems. Fibre posts have flexural modulus similar to that of human dentin”.


Saumyendra Singh, Naina Taiwar, Niraj Mishra, Pooran Chand – Int J. of Prostodontics and restorative dentistry, Aprile-June 2011; 1(1):51-54 – Overdenture abutment under a fixed partial denture: case report of preventive prosthodontic approach. “The advantage of this treatment (Bioloren fiber posts) was that patient was provided satisfactory esthetics, function and comfort while preserving alveolar bone and minimizing stress on conventional FPD abutments”.


Sowmya Kallepalli, Shreemoy Dash, Sujatha Gopal, N.B. P. Surya Kumari – J. of NRT University of health sciences 2014; 3 (Supplement -1):S17-22 – Evaluation of thickness of hybrid layer and length of resin tags of three adhesives to the root canal dentin: an in vitro scanning electron microscopic study- “Bioloren fiber posts were with dual cure resin cement. Etch and rinse adhesives performed better than self-etch and resin based glass ionomer based adhesives”.




Mauro Fazioni, Alessandro Tosato – Quintessenza Odontotecnica 2015:10:32-44 – CAD design methods applied to machinable fibre reinforced composite (MFRC) materials: new applications for dental laboratories, new potential for clinical rehabiliatation – “latest generation of composite materials reinforced with machinable fiberglass offers important innovations in dental protocol and new opportunities”.


Marina Etxeberria, Lidia Lopez-Jimenez, Alexandra Merlos, Tomas Escuin, Miguel Vinas - International microbiology 2013 16:235-242 – Bacterial adhesion efficiency on implant abutments: a comparative study – “Bacterial growth on glass-FRC was similar to that measured on titanium. The absence of a difference between the different surfaces may have been due to their wettability, since glass-FRC is less wettable than the other materials tested”.


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