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Bioloren Exhibition programs for 2017

Bioloren S.r.l. follows an extensive program of exhibitions to introduce their own dental technology worldwide. The events scheduled for the coming months are:



  • Dental Conference of the Marches, 11 of february, Pesaro (IT)
  • Trilor Course, 17-18 of february, Frosinone (IT)
  • Trilor Course, 23-24 of february, Holiday Inn, Madrid (ES)


  • ANTLO - School at Casati Institute, 4 march, Milan (IT)
  • IDS Cologne, stand 11.3 L 10, 21-25 march, Cologne (DE)
  • Trilor Course, 31 march, Florence (IT)


  • ANTLO Abruzzo, 22 april, Pescara (IT)


  • Colloquium Dental, 19-21 october, Montichiari - Brescia (IT)


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Upcoming Events

Dental Conference of Marches

February, 11, 2017
Pesaro (IT)

Trilor Courses Bioloren S.r.l.

February, 17-18, 2017
Frosinone (IT)

Trilor Courses Bioloren S.r.l.

February, 23-24, 2017
Holiday Inn - Madrid - ES

ANTLO School at Casati Institute

March, 4, 2017
Milan - IT


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TRILOR® Milling Blanks: High-Tech Fiber-Composite!

Bioloren - 11/11/2016

Modern airplanes and the power of formula 1 racing would not be possible without it: Fiber reinforced high-tech resin materials! Their high strength and fracture toughness, their good “damping behavior” and their excellent fatigue resistance make these materials ideal for applications where high strength has to be handled at low weight.

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Preformed machinable Fiber Reinforced Composite for dental application

Dr. Mauro Fazioni - DDS Verona - italy


Multilayer approach to single crown and bridge rehab

Dr. Mauro Fazioni - DDS Verona - Italy

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