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TRILOR® BLANKS: Disks and blocks for CAD/CAM

Patented by Bioloren

TRILOR®, developed by Bioloren S.r.I., is a new Hi-Tech Fiber-Composite material consisting of an epoxy resin matrix and multi-directional glass fiber reinforcement. Epoxy-fiber-composite structures have become the material of choice in race cars, airplanes, and many other fields where high strength, low weight, and fatigue resistance are key requirements.

In the dental field this glass-fiber-composite technology was introduced by Bioloren more than 20 years ago when the company developed their first metal-free fiber root posts. With the clinical experience of more than 10 million posts Bioloren has used this know-how and technology to develop disks and milling blocks for dental CAD/CAM systems.

As metal-free alternative TRILOR® is covering a wide range of indications as material for permanent and temporary dental restorations. TRILOR® is registered by the FDA for the US-market and has a CE-mark for Europe.

Among its physical properties TRILOR® combines a very unique combination of high flexural strength (540 MPa) with its physiologically perfect modulus of elasticity of 26 GPa. The material also has an excellent bond strength to dental veneering composite and denture acrylic materials. Lithium di-silicate or zirconia crowns may also be cemented to TRILOR® structures.




TRILOR® indications

-          Crowns

-          Bridges (any physiologically suitable size, maximum two pontics

-          Maryland bridges

-          Implant supra structures

-          Bar attachments on implants

-          Long term provisionals

-          Alternative to cast dentures

-          Drilling guides for implantology

TRILOR® is the most valid replacement for metals:

-          No casting

-          No galvanism in the mouth

-          No oxidation or corrosion

-          No thermal shock (due to low thermal conductivity)

-          Excellent biocompatibility

-          Light weight





TRILOR® BLANKS are available in many different forms and dimensions!


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